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Val San Martino

"The skyline is still filled by bell-towers. Above us, only the mountains."

Between the Bergamasque Prealps, known as Prealpi Orobiche, and the Adda River valley lies a true Middle Earth. Val San Martino was once considered a dividing line between the Republic of Venice and the Duchy of Milan. Nowadays it is the exact point halfway between the Province of Lecco and the Province of Bergamo and it has always been a place where different territories and cultures merged: an invisible line.

Sites of interest

The numerous towers, castles, churches, sanctuaries and other evidence of the work of the community who lived in the fascinating hilly background of Val San Martino still bear witness to the unfolding of history. It is a cultural inheritance worth of being promoted and spread among all those people, from the tourists just passing by to the people living in the area, who don't know the treasures that surround them.

  • On the short stretch of road that crosses the historic centre of Caprino Bergamasco, signs of the past can still be found on the historic buildings and in their gardens, which once were the ancient mansions of the families belonging to the Lombard bourgeoisie, places of interest for writers and artists

  • This place, easy to recognize thanks to its white chapel dedicated to our Lady of the Assumption, faces the steep road that runs alongside the gorge of the Gallavesa stream and leads to Erve.

  • Apart from Nesolio and the chapel dedicated to our Lady of the Assumption in Corno, Val d'Erve is full of many more small villages and picturesque areas located on the mountainside that frames the valley created by the Gallavesa stream

  • This tower is located in the heart of what once was the centre of the ancient village of Calolzio near the square called Piazza dell’Officio, now Regazzoni, in honour of the last noble family of landowners from Bergamo.

  • Also known as, the “Rocca dell’Innominato”, this castle is one of the most historical sites in the whole Val San Martino. Due to its strategic position, the castle was at the centre of the disputes between Milan and Venice during and even after the Middle Ages.

  • The church of our Lady of the Assumption in Celana preserves the painted altarpiece of the Lady of the Assumption, a work of art by Lorenzo Lotto from 1527. It was painted two years after he spent some time in Bergamo, a city where he had worked between 1513 and 1525 and where he had made a name for himself.

  • In the midst of woods, on the Saint Margaret Mountain, there is a small gem, a sacellum dating back to the XIII century with a large cycle of paintings representing the life of Saint Margaret.

  • The library and the museum were established thanks to the collections of two renowned personalities who decided to donate the fruits of their lifelong passions to the community of Valle San Martino. Today both the library and the museum can be found in Mallegori Palace, the current town hall of Caprino.

  • The remains of this industrial complex over the landscape along the river Adda. Under the management of the De Ponti family, this factory became the most important resource for the economy of Val San Martino during the 20th century.

  • Nesolio is a small village under the jurisdiction of Erve at about 700 m above sea level. Among the ancient stone houses, you can still perceive the frugal lifestyle of the people who used to live there.

  • The small village of Tovo stretches along the Gallavesa stream and was once home to productive settlements that exploited the flowing water of the stream through water wheels.

  • The bridge that connects Calolziocorte to Olginate was built at the beginning of the 20th century but when the river is low, we can still see the few remains of an ancient Roman bridge that dates back to the 3rd-4th century.

Our Project

«A Spot is not just a brief advertisement - it means to discover and it is used to refear to particular places. Our web site not just serve as a showcase for the local heritage, but as a platform that will help you expand an all cultural matters related to the territory»

The website Val San Martino Spot was created as part of the project led by the group History Tellers. The project was launched thanks to Giovani Idee 2016, a call for tenders issued by the WorkStation of the Comunità Montana Lario Orientale and Valle San Martino in order to promote innovative projects and highlight the creativity and project management skills of the young of the area.