Our Project

The website Val San Martino Spot was created as part of the project led by the group History Tellers. The project was launched thanks to Giovani Idee 2016, a call for tenders issued by the WorkStation of the Comunità Montana Lario Orientale and Valle San Martino in order to promote innovative projects and highlight the creativity and project management skills of the young of the area.

Our project was one of the projects selected and it intends to promote the cultural and environmental heritage of Valle San Martino through the latest technology in order to make it known to others and in particular among the younger generations and the tourists visiting the area.

In addition to this website, our project includes the realisation of a series of panels scattered throughout our territory, close to site and sights. These panels offer just a few essential pieces of information and a QR-Code that redirects you to the page of this website where you can find all the insights, images and videos relating to the sites and sights.

A “spot” is not just a “brief advertisement” - it means “to discover” and it is used to refer to “particular places”. Our website does not just serve as a showcase for the local heritage, but as a platform that will help you expand on all cultural matters related to the territory.

The History Tellers

The History Tellers are a group of young people living in Val San Martino. They all share the same passion for history, arts and literature. The group was created in order to take part in the call for tenders, Giovani Idee 2016, with the intent to promote the artistic and cultural heritage of the local territory through the latest technology.

Our approach is innovative and aims to enhance the history and traditions of the territory and make them available to everybody with a click.

The project Val San Martino Spot developed from an idea and an ambitious proposal with the objective of mapping all the sites and sights of such a particular local context as Val San Martino, known only to a few.