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Calolziocorte is the largest and most populated town in Val San Martino and the third-largest town in the Province of Lecco.

The first traces of human presence dating back to the prehistoric era were discovered in Lavello, a small village on the east bank of the river Adda, where some prehistoric pile dwellings were found. In addition to that, close to the rocca di Somasca, the remains of a settlement were uncovered dating back to the Iron Age that are linked to the Celtic Golasecca culture (9th - 4th century BC).

The piedmont road that linked Brescia, Bergamo, Como and crossed the river Adda with a bridge, which can be traced back to the 3rd century AD and that was connected to Olginate, passed also through Calolziocorte. The settlement of Calolzio was able to use this potential to its advantage, growing in importance over time.

The first written record of a village in the area, known as Corte, dates back to the year 774, as Rado de Curte appeared as a witness in a document on parchment in Bergamo. This person is considered the first inhabitant of Calolziocorte and the first of which a documented proof exists that would provide information on his existence.

The municipality of Calolziocorte was founded in 1927 through the merger of Calolzio and Corte but it reached its present dimensions only in 1928, when also Rossino and Lorentino joined this same municipality.

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