• Foto © Giuliano 57

Val San Martino

Between the Bergamasque Prealps, known as Prealpi Orobiche, and the Adda River valley lies a true Middle Earth. Val San Martino was once considered a dividing line between the Republic of Venice and the Duchy of Milan. Nowadays it is the exact point halfway between the Province of Lecco and the Province of Bergamo and it has always been a place where different territories and cultures merged: an invisible line.

Val San Martino stretches from Vercurago to Pontida and its name dates back to the late Middle Ages, to the first half of the 15th century, when the first medieval rural laws were drawn up in the Bergamo region. Since the 18th century, thanks to the growing scholarly interest in local history, many have looked into the origin of the name of the valley formulating the most diverse and fascinating assumptions. The most widely accepted hypothesis traces its origin back to the ancient church dedicated to Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours.

The memories, material evidence and traditions of this territory are protected and promoted by the Ecomuseo Val San Martino, an ecomuseum whose sole mission is to reveal, study and highlight the traces left by nature, time and human action. The headquarters of this organisation are in Villa De Ponti in Calolziocorte. It serves as a centre in case of emergency and it is a place dedicated to research and teaching.